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Psalma Mama
Because of Him

The smile on my face is because of Him
Every step I take is because of Him
Every good thing that comes my way
Every peaceful thought is from Him today!
Every ounce of joy is because of Him
That joy strengthens me because of Him;
Every time I love, it increases yet more,
So joy and peace are greater than before.
Every blessing I have is because of Him;
When I stop stressing, it’s because of Him!
When I shout "Hallelujah" and praise His Name
It's because of my GOD Who is always the same.
I'm trying to tell you; you can have Him too:
No matter how you feel or what you're going through;
He's my Father in Heaven, because of Him;
Every sin is forgiven, because of Him;
Every shadow in your valley is harmless to you:
Jesus is the "Him" Who can save through and through!
You can come to GOD in Heaven, because of Him;
He can purge out all the leaven, because of Him;
Our source of survival is found in His grace:
We can only have revival when we look on His Face;
Here in His presence is such a beautiful place, because of Him!!

GOD's grace in Dawn Gwin 04-13-16