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Father, You Knew

Father, You knew our faith would be tested and tried
With all the unanswered questions and many tears that we cried:
But I see now, You answered, just not as we'd planned;
For what the devil meant for harm, You put in Your Hands.
We chose life for little Rayla and asked You to let her live on
And You did, in three other lives, so the Victory has been won.
We asked You to raise her like You did Lazarus that day:
You did that, and we'll see her one Glorious Day!
I have to confess, I was burdened in my soul
For I could not understand why You weren't making her whole.
I fretted and wondered why so many had to pray
I felt as if I were trying to manipulate You in some way.
You’re not a man that has to be talked into doing good:
You are good already! I wished I understood.
But, Lord, at times we don’t understand,
We will put our trust in the only One Who can.