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Forgive Yourself

A woman in her 80's had been holding something in and said she hadn't ever told a soul something that was troubling her all her life. When she told me what it was, I cried for her too, the fact that this poor woman had carried this heavy burden all these years. When this precious well-to-do, nicely dressed woman opened up to me, she told me this: "When I was 17 years old, I had an abortion."
Bless her heart; for she was so weighed down with guilt and torment for what she had done, until we took it to The Lord in prayer. It was so wonderful to see GOD's forgiving love and power that had held this precious woman captive all these many years (most of her life really) set her free. She confessed to The Lord her sin like 1 John 1:9 says to do, asked His forgiveness, and was born-again and filled with GOD's Spirit right then and there. What an amazing Savior and Lord we have, to have waited for her to make it right all these years! Isn't GOD's Love so merciful and patient!!!!!

Have you ever thought of asking yourself for forgiveness? If you have already confessed your sin to GOD out loud, He forgave your sin and is faithful and fair to cleanse you from all unrighteousness. If you can't forgive yourself, confront yourself by name, admit the wrong, and ask yourself for forgiveness. If you still can't pardon yourself, stand facing the Cross, then try again.