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Jesus Saves

Jesus Saves

Last night I prayed at bedtime,
“O Lord, save those I love!
Hear my feeble prayer O GOD
And send help from above.

I heard the song of the cricket
As I there quietly lay:
There seemed to be a message;
Did he just say, “Jesus Saves?”

I slept and awoke to the song of the rooster -
It was clear what I heard him say:
As I raised the window and listened more closely,
He was screaming out, “Jesus Saves!”

I visited a patient in the hospital while she was in labor:
I went to offer prayer at the request of a neighbor.
The delivery went well, the baby cried, and I heard him say,
“Listen more attentively, you must know Jesus Saves!”

Another woman called me one day on my cell phone
Said she packed her bags and could we drive her to a new home?
We asked her what had happened for her to change her life this way:
She shouted loud and boldly with tears in her eyes,
“Jesus Saves!”

A man floated down a river from one state to another:
“How could he still be alive?” a teen said on the bridge to his Mother.
The word spread and the cops got involved and rescued the man that day -
When asked, “How did you make it?” the rescued man cried out,
“Jesus Saves!”

I was a woman, wounded, wretched and filled with sin
A woman told me Jesus was knocking on my heart, so I asked Him in.
Since that day I met Him, hallelujah! I have never been the same:
I tell it everywhere I go, “You need a Savior, and Jesus Saves!”