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Peace and Grace

The day before yesterday, I was letting frustration and aggravation lead me around. The morning started out with several concerns, and things around the house that were going wrong. In my spirit, The Spirit of The Lord said to me, "Rejoice in The Lord always!" I thought to myself, "How can I do that when this isn't right, and we don't know the outcome to that over there, and the pains are not lifting, and....?"
(Uddy uddy, blah blah blah.) Then He said to me, "In everything give thanks, for this is the will of GOD concerning YOU."
That's when I stopped everything and began to take in His very wise counsel. How could I not thank Him? I started saying things like, "Ok, Lord, I rejoice in You because no matter what happens, You are still GOD; You are still King over the flood; You are and will always be The Great Physician; You have the final Word; You are great, and Your grace is still sufficient; You are the Resurrection, and the Life, and nothing will ever change that!! This is hard, but Thank You for specializing in hard things. Thank You for being our Present Help in times of trouble. Trusting You in many lives. GOD forbid that we allow ourselves to be led by our emotions, instead of the Truth. May we only be led today by GOD's Spirit using His Word to conform us to His Image, always abounding in the work and love of The Lord.
Blessings of increased peace and grace be upon you today in Jesus' Name!