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Why It is called, "Good Friday"

The Man Called Love

I've heard, love grew where the Blood of Jesus fell
And it fell on me
The day I knelt at Jesus' Feet
And gave myself, as He gave Himself for me.
I've heard, and I believe, Jesus rose again after He died
He also rolled the stone from my heart, then came to live inside.
I'm not an empty shell anymore looking for love and acceptance:
He bought me, unworthy as I was, with His life on the Day of remembrance!
He filled me with resurrection power that enables me to love
I am His, and He is mine, when there was nothing I wasn’t guilty of!
No wonder it is called, "Good Friday":
Jesus took our punishment on Himself.
He became poor, and gave all He had
That we might inherit it ourselves.
What a powerfully merciful, and loving Savior
I cannot praise Him enough!
Love really did grow in my heart and my soul
When I met the Man called Love!
(“GOD is Love” 1 John 4:8)

GOD’s grace in Dawn Gwin 03-25-16