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Psalma Mama
The Other Side

Some had a parent on both sides
A Daddy and a Mother;
But some children have felt someone missing
Feeling love on one side, but not the other;
So they try to fill the void on the other side
With anything that comes their way:
Until they turn to the GOD in Heaven,
To find, He is a Parent Who will always stay!
We all know those who don't know Him yet,
Those who struggle for love on the other side:
By now, they have such emotional problems
That not even they can deny.
Let us be patient and understanding
And point them the best we can
To a Heavenly Father Whom they need,
And Who's been wooing them and reaching out His Hand.
Help them to see, the devil's a liar, for he says, "GOD's mad at you!"
The truth has been hidden for far too long:
Show them He loves them on the other side too.